Summer School Sign-up

Summer School Registration is now closed. 

High School Summer School begins Monday, June 19th. 

Each summer we need to wait to determine which high school credit recovery courses will run as the decision is based on student registration (which is based upon successful completion of semester two courses). 

These courses will not run this summer:
  • Biology - semester one
  • Biology - semester two
  • Algebra - semester two
  • Geometry - semester one
  • Geometry - semester two
  • Global Studies - semester one
  • Global Studies - semester two
  • Introduction to Chemistry
  • Short Story 
  • US History Semester one
  • US History Semester two
  • Economics

While this is good news as it means the majority of students successfully completed the course during the school year, it also means that we will not be offering the course in a face-to-face format this summer.   

In the past we had to cancel the course offering and adjust schedules for fall. As we do want your child to earn credit to get caught up and begin the traditional school year on track, we are now able to offer online courses via Educere. The cost of the course is $99.50 per course; the process is easy to sign up. If you would like your child to participate in this opportunity, you must sign up and pay online. Upon successful completion, credit will count as a Greenfield High School credit. In addition, an educator will be monitoring and supporting success throughout the course. 

Here is the link to enroll:  
If you choose not to enroll this summer, counselors will work to schedule the necessary courses in fall. We realize that online courses do not offer the same personal interaction that a traditional face-to-face course does; however, we also believe that it is important to recover credit as soon as possible in order to successfully move closer to earning all credits needed for graduation. Educere provides the opportunity to earn credit in an online format. 

Patrice Ball

 ** If you have further questions or concerns regarding Summer School, please contact Jenny Czubkowski, 
GHS Summer School

Greenfield High School Summer School will run from June 19--July 28th for all students. There will be limited courses offered for both credit acceleration and credit recovery. 

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K-8 Summer School



Summer Learning Program

Elementary Program Dates (Grades K-6): Tuesday, June 27th – Friday, July 28th

Middle School Program Dates (Grades 7-8): Wednesday, July 5th – Friday, July 28th

Program Registration Window: April 24th – June 2nd

(No School July 3rd and July 4th)